A little about what we do and who we are

At Print Media, we print, publish and distribute YPSM-branded print directories, which consumers use to find quality products and services in their areas. In the 21 states where Print Media operates, Yellow Pages print directories are used over 4,000 times a minute.* Working every day with YPSM, our corporate partner, Print Media helps bring effective advertising solutions to local businesses. Our mission is to connect consumers and businesses through our print solutions, guided by a vision of innovation and growth. Print Media is owned by affiliates of Cerberus Capital Management and AT&T.

Local Search Association 2014 Local Media Tracking Study
*within our 21 state footprint


Some of the things we produce

The Real Yellow Pages®

Millions of people within our 21-state footprint rely on The Real Yellow Pages® print directories to fulfill their local search needs. Print Media strategically delivers YP-branded print directories with local business advertisements to a geography of over 160 million people. Based on a nationwide study, Yellow Pages print directories generated an average of 191 million monthly references* within Print Media’s distribution footprint allowing customers to find businesses.

*Local Search Association 2014 Local Media Tracking Study within our 21 state footprint

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RealPagesLive.com is an online site that puts YP print directories right onto your favorite device. It’s a digital search tool that enables you to find any person or business within our 21-states.

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of consumers over the age of 20 use Print Yellow Pages

September 2015 based on 10,781 live interviews from 31 United States metro cities.

people consult the Print Yellow Pages every minute*

Local Search Association 2014 Local Media Tracking Study
*within our 21 state footprint


of Print Yellow Pages users make a purchase

2014 Local Media Tracking Study, Key Data Topline Report, Feb. 2015


What Customers Are Saying About YP’s Advertising Solutions Including The Real Yellow Pages®

"We see results. We have about 150-160 new clients per month, which would be about twice the national average."

- Dr. Ross Clark, Woodland West Pet Care

"With YP on my team, I can definitely in the future open some more branches and continue to grow."

- Jose Gomez, USA Auto Glass

"YP has been a huge source of new clients since day one for us, and we are very grateful for that."

- Austin Ward, Ward & Barnes, P.A.

Where We Publish

Across the U.S.

Delivery States

Over 1,000 titles in metro and rural areas published and over 65 million directories delivered in 21 states.*

*Print Media LLC 4th Quarter 2015



Eco-friendly Directories

Completely Recyclable

The directory contains recycling instructions; in some communities, curbside recycling is an option.

Sustainable Resources

The paper used in modern day directories comes from lumber industry by-products, recycled paper products and sustainable forestry.

Environmentally Responsible

When possible, soy-based inks and vegetable-based adhesives are part of the production process.

Print Media continues to improve manufacturing and distribution methods.

Print Media empowers consumers to opt-out of receiving books if desired through the LSA’s website.


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